Beekeepers @ KSRC has been operating for over 3 years now with the intention of providing education and training in various aspects of beekeeping for beekeepers who have a grasp of the basics and wish to move on, to improve their knowledge and management of their bees. We’ve run >20 courses from 2013-6, with nearly 300 places.   In essence, the purpose is to provide training for “Improvers”. 

In 2016, we will continue to offer courses, albeit in new classroom locations. Many of the popular courses from previous years are again being offered, and we are continuing with practical training for improvers.  We are fortunate to have the support of some bee-farmers who will let us “hire” their apiaries for this training.   For classroom based courses, we will be using Tyland Barn at the bottom of Bluebell Hill, near Maidstone, and the BeeBarn (Bee Equipment, near Canterbury).

The courses listed on our booking page are targeted at those who wish to improve their skills and so the courses are intended for beekeepers with at least 1 seasons’ experience of managing bees.  Beginner beekeepers are directed to their local associations, where they will find lots of support for taking the first steps in beekeeping.  Where our courses are not directly associated with bee husbandry, we remove the restriction – so all-comers are welcome on courses like skep making.

If you are not sure whether the course is suited to you, or have any suggestions for additional courses, please drop us a line via this link.

If you have any questions about the Beekeepers @ KSRC programme, or this webshop, contact us by clicking here.  

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